Top Five Benefits of Measuring Rainfall Amounts at Home


Many people today are begging to take a keen interest in their local weather forecast. The reasons can be diverse, there are the gardeners who want to know how much they can water their plants or people with lots of outdoor activities who don’t want to be caught off guard by a heavy downpour while enjoying an evening out.


Sometimes weather channels and websites may provide inaccurate information due to the proximity of the weather station that they are depending on to the local area. Most of the time people find this information unreliable and opt buying a home weather station where they can personally monitor the weather changes at the comfort of their homes.


For easy monitoring of the rain patterns right at home, a rain gauge would serve this purpose. Here are some of the benefits that a rain gauge user will benefit from its use.


Know when to water plants and glass


Keeping track of the rainfall patterns is important for farmers to understand how much water they need for watering their plants depending on the rainfall patterns. On the same note, homeowners find it difficult deciding whether they should water their lawn or not. Having a rain gauge will help you determine precipitation level so that you can water your plants or lawn with the required water proportions.


Understand the best time for planting


By measuring precipitation using a rain gauge, you can be able to determine accurately the most appropriate time to plant crops flowers or trees. The data will also inform you when the water levels are at optimal levels. You can then supplement the rain with your water. The rain gauge readings will also help you determine the amount of water you need. This helps avoid wastage of water as well as avoiding losses caused by unpredicted rainfall patterns.


Understand your neighborhood’s weather patterns and trends


By studying the data that is derived from measuring precipitation, you can comfortably identify the weather patterns of your locality. You can tell whether there is an expected heavy downpour or an impending drought, all from the rain gauge measurements. And since one of the reasons of owning a rain gauge is to satisfy curiosity concerning the environment of your locality, you can be able to caution your family or a neighbor about an impending weather condition change.


Getting reliable rainfall data


For persons who a can be affected by unexpected change in weather condition whether socially or economically will benefit a lot from a rain gauge. As indicated earlier, depending on the weather websites for updates can be disappointing. However, with a personal rain gauge, you can be able to get the exact rainfall in your area of interest. You can then be able to plan your activities without having to worry that the weather will disappoint your activities. This will be a thing of the past since your instrument will help you know what exactly to expect.

Identify oncoming devastating weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions such as excessive rain can cause havoc. Having a rain gauge can help you observe unusual high rainfall, which can help you evade an incoming flooding. If for instance you practice farming, you can take precaution and not plant at that particular time as the newly planted seeds together with the fertilizer will end up being washed away. You will be able to evacuate your property in time, which will ensure that you incur no losses at all due to the flooding.

In conclusion

Measuring rainfall patterns at home can be an exciting affair to both you and your family. Your children can learn how to set up the instruments, take the data and interpolate it. You can even teach them how to forecast the weather condition based on the trend pattern of previous readings. Using the rain gauge is easy and doesn’t need any specialized skills. This means that anyone in your family can be able to measure the rainfall and interpolate the readings. Homeowners who struggle keeping their garden or lawn in proper condition will find a rain gauge very useful to them. The measurements derived from the instrument will indicate how much water the lawn or plants will require and the duration of watering.

Weather Station making the right choice now

Weather generally is something that cannot be ignored.   Every living thing, whether animals, human beings or mammals not forgetting vegetation and crops have their lives revolve around the weather.   All the above benefit from weather for sustenance and without that there would be virtually nothing left.  Over the last few years Mother Nature has taught us a lesson or two when people interfere with it.   Mother Nature can be ferocious and leave a whole village crawling on its knees.  To avoid being caught in such terrible scenarios a simple investment like in a weather station will help you and your family keeps safe and lives longer.

Who does not want to live longer?  Life despite its struggles has a lot to offer and being around loved ones is a source of strength.  Wait until you stand at the sick bed of a loved one waiting to breathe their last then will the pain of life make a big difference.   Back to our point of discussion, stations can now be purchased by anyone.  There are no limitations on who can own one and who cannot.  This was something that was not possible a few years ago.  Weather information was a privy of the metrological department and could only be issued over intervals.

Ask anyone who has been caught in bad weather how difficult it was to break even and you will appreciate owning a weather station.  They aren’t as expensive as people have made it seem.  There are stations of different prices ranging from desk top, wireless, and stand alone just to name a few.  Buying one as a newcomer in the field might not be easy but with the onset of technology nothing can be easier.  Identify online a number of entities providing the same before pegging your search to a particular station of interest.

Not all stations are the same and as a buyer, you need to have such information at your fingertips to avoid looking for such information aimlessly.   There are easier to use stations that do not come with wires hanging around the house.  These wireless stations are a one time thing and installations are easier than ever.  If you are unsure of how to go about it, there is absolutely no harm in getting the services of a technician from the company.  Discuss such issues beforehand.  Most of these stations come with a manual that literally anyone can install but if you are unable to seek help.

It is important to appreciate the advent of technology.  The same metro logical companies that provided weather information are now able to provide the same information in our hand held gadgets or the weather station that dot our homes.  Weather interestingly is location based.  That in essence is the main reason why it might be shinning in one area are a few meters away there is so much wind.  When people understand how weather operates, it is easier to always be prepared for any eventualities regarding how weather operates and why it differs from place to another.

How are they able to predict weather so easily?  There are set patterns like the wind, rainfall, sunlight that are used to predict weather condition in a particular area.  This takes time and cannot be done by just anybody but by professionals in the weather sector.  This in essence is the main reason why one needs to invest in a station to help them be able to know the trending weather to avoid being caught in bad weather and literally become helpless.  Lots of lives have been lost which would otherwise been saved had such measures been taken.

Finally, we cannot be safe when the Mother Nature gets hungry.   Investing in a weather station is one way of keeping your loved ones covered and protected from such scenarios.   Human beings have managed a lot of the environment and our lives therefore hang in the balance.  Why not take charge right now and be safe when there is still time.    The change in the weather is a clear indication that all is not well.  If you can afford a station, there is absolutely no harm in doing so. It is better be safe than sorry.   We will all die and let’s not die when we are not ready

Reseller panel or Panel for reseller business in the 21st century


Web hosting is not a new thing and as many people will tell you, it is one of the most lucrative business ventures currently.  How does one go about it from scratch?  There are a few things worth taking note of before hiring a company to host for you a Reseller panel.  For you to start web hosting, your company must have a server.  There also must be a technical team that will be able to work with your customers in helping them understand about the program and how it works.  Any web hosting company should be available on a 24 hour basis.

But interestingly, this is not so.  The influx of a large number of companies offering Panel for reseller services have in the recent past watered down a lucrative venture.  But all is not lost there are still professional technicians that have managed to give the profession a good name.   In every sector of society and or economy there are always good and positive sides.  But that aside, the positive side still outweighs the bad side if you care to check available reviews.  There are still a lot of companies that can be trusted when it comes to web hosting services.

In any Reseller panel business, there are a few things to consider namely speed in regard to service and or personnel.  Having a technical team that knows their job and what they are required to do will among other things is able to lay down a strategy that will work for along time.  Secondly is reliability. How reliable is the company?  These are services that do not come cheap and when a customer pays that large amount of money for an unreliable service it creates room for disaster.    Client support and reliability should therefore not be ignored at any reasonable cost.

There also need to an easy and affordable plan service where customers can easily identify with.  A Panel for reseller allows the hosting company to sell such services to their customers for an agreed cost.   Resellers in essence provide the same kind of services as hosting.  All the reselling and management is done by them.  The only difference is that like many companies they do not have servers of their own but work through one giant company.  It is therefore an easy and effective way to sell their services to their selected category of customers.

Many people normally think that a Reseller Panel business requires a large amount of money.  This is not so.  There are companies that will allow you to among other things sell the same at an agreed cost price.   It is therefore upon them to create their preferred reselling plans which differ from company to company.   The creation of accounts which is upon them, in the business there is no one size fits all as each customer have their preferred custom requirements.  The best way to understand how the service works is to simply discuss with a representative of the company how the whole system works.

Trends in Web Security That Every Panel Reseller Should Know


Any successful investor will tell you that what keeps their businesses rejuvenated is keeping themselves abreast with everything trending in their line of trade whether positive or negative. As a panel reseller investor, being cautious is necessary considering that a small hitch affecting your business will paint a bad picture of you to your clients. Although the firm providing the web hosting services handles most of the administrative work, there is still much that a panel reseller needs to be aware of and ready to handle if their reseller business is to be sustainable.


On top of the list is cyber security related issues. Anyone who has ever tried their hand in the reseller panel business will agree that cyber security is always a constant roaming threat due to its capability of crippling the nerve of the business.


With hackers getting more sophisticated with their ever changing tactics. It is always good to keep up with cyber security trends and of cause what to expect from the ‘bad guys’.


Lately, cyber criminals have started to change tactics to ensure they cash more in their trade. Unlike in the past where the attackers concentrated on disrupting the system, their main goal has turned to outsmarting the system itself, which has proven to be fatal. Earlier on, the main stage show attacks were primarily DDoS which today is just a façade of the current targeted and well- conceived attacks.


To make the matters worse, attackers today don’t have to be equipped with specific skills or specialized infrastructure to initiate the attack. With online rented equipment and a malware code bought online also, an attacker can cause havoc to thousands of computers. Some of the most prevalent cyber security threats that every aspiring reseller panel should be aware of include:


Ransomware malware attack has already caused devastation running into hundred of million dollar losses. With a growth rate of about 360%, ransomware attacks have been highlighted as a global security issue including in the 2018 World Economic Forum.

Ransomware is a type of malware that attackers manipulate to take over computers and networks then demand money from the owners with a promise of restoring data once payment is made.



The original purpose of botnets initially was data aggregation, online trading, site indexing among other legitimate purposes. However, their capabilities have been employed in instigating destructive campaigns like spamming, sniffing, DDoS attacks and many more.


Investors in reseller panel needs to be aware of this malware due to its nature. The botnet malware targets on devices, which are on most of the time. Since a panel reseller cannot avoid being on-net most of the time, this malware may be a real threat to their business.

The DDoS Attacks

This malware is known well in the internet circles. The record of businesses hit by DDoS attacks has doubled with an increase of 35% in 2017 from 18% in 2016. The malware attack can be of any size and be launched for myriad reasons such as exhausting the bandwidth of a network or site, which may end up in a volumetric attack or even overwhelming specific applications such as DNS services using HTTP commands.


Basically, these are the most noted cyber security threats that as a reseller panel, you should familiarize with and take precautions against.

Getting more Twitter Retweets Without Breaking a Sweat

Tweeting can be rather disappointing especially when you have pumped out loads of tweets, but still not attracting a substantial engagement that you want. The fact that everyone on twitter is in pursuit for higher engagement rate makes it even harder for brands and businesses to increase their popularity on twitter.


To stand a chance of establishing your twitter presence, diversification is key. This means concentrating on some of the most powerful engagement tools that will give your brand a good quality of engagement. The best tool that you can put your twitter marketing weight on is none other than twitter retweets.

A retweet on a tweet means that the person retweeting it took their time to read the tweet, understand it and decided to share the content with their followers. This means by increasing the number of retweets, you can rest assured that your business will attract new quality leads that needs less convincing to buy from you.


So how do you increase the amount of retweets without having to break a sweat? Check out these 3 that you can put to practice today and start getting more retweets.


Pin the most important tweet


A pinned twitter post means locked post that remains on the twitter profile and cannot be removed unless unpinned. This means that anyone visiting your twitter page will see it. So, why do you need to pin a post? Due to the amount of traffic encountered on twitter on daily basis, you tweets may be drowned by this heavy traffic, hence denying them a better viewership. Pinning a tweet increases its lifetime hence increasing the number of people seeing it.


A pinned tweet can be a good opportunity for grabbing the attention of twitter users. The best tweets to pin include those promoting a free offer, a major announcement about you or your brand or an awe-inspiring blog post that you want to increase an audience in its favor. Pinned tweets grab the attention of the viewers and increases probability of them retweeting the post.


Retweet others


Retweeting other twitter users’ posts sends a strong message about you. People view you as a bold and selfless person and these are likable qualities that will make them reciprocate the favor. Choose the type of tweets you want to retweet. Your retweets will tell your audience more about you. Retweeting fun but informative tweets from your followers or just any inspiring tweet that you think will be of interest to your audience.


Ask for the retweets


This works perfectly too as far as multiplying your retweets count is concerned. Asking your followers to retweet your tweets may seem like selling out or desperate move but twitter users interpret it differently. The request makes twitter users feel important and appreciated especially if it’s a business making the request. People will retweet your post and you might be surprised to find your tweet trending on twitter. However, use this technique sparingly to avoid boring your followers with retweet request on every tweet.

How is the Twitter Retweet a Marketing Tool?

When social media platforms were first introduced into the world, people mostly looked at them as places where they can interact and connect with long lost friends and family. No one ever really looked at them as avenues that could be used to grow businesses in any way. Times have however changed and things have really evolved. As  matter of fact, you will find that social media platforms today are being used to market businesses more than that they are being used tosocialize and interact with people who are far away. Businesses came to the realization that this is the best place to market themselves. They have realized that this is then most effective and efficient avenue through which they can tap into the global audience. They have managed to achieve this objective through various social media platforms features such as the twitter retweet.

The question automatically becomes how is the twitter retweet a marketing tool? For a person who has never looked at twitter as a marketing avenue, it is understandable that you cannot look at it from this perspective. The truth is it is in fact one of the most effective marketing avenues. It is one feature that a lot of marketers are taking advantage of today as they have realized that it can get them out to the market within a much shorter time and without having to spend large sums of money.

So the twitter retweet basically is effective at giving a business the visibility that it needs to reach out to the market. Visibility is the core of each and every social media marketing campaign. Without visibility, any social media campaign will fail. It is features like the twitter retweet that help the marketers get the visibility that they need. The feature allows a tweet that was originally sent out by the marketer to get to be seen by a larger number of people. This happens because the tweet gets sent out by many more people as their own tweet; this is what is referred to as retweeting. The third parties will resend the tweet out as their own but they will always acknowledge the origin of the tweet. This simply means that it does not matter how many people get to see the tweet and from whose timeline they will see the tweet from, they will always know the origin of the tweet.

Basically a twitter retweet is a very effective marketing tool as it makes it much easier for information to spread out to the market. The main aim of any marketing campaign is usually to get information about a business out there in the market.  It is usually to create awareness of the existence of the business and what it is offering to the market. The twitter retweet helps you to achieve this objective without having to0 spends a lot of timeand money. With this feature, you will find that you will be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people in less than 24 hours.

Who can use Automatic Likes?


You probably may have probably come across the idea of using automatic likes to boost engagement on social media and wondered whether it would be appropriate for you to incorporate automatic likes in your marketing strategy. Well here is a complete list inclusive of those that can benefit from the use of automatic likes.


A point of disclaimer though is that be careful when buying automatic likes. This is because there is a bunch of unscrupulous vendors out there who will sell you bots that will destroy your accounts credibility rather than boost the engagement rate. Always ensure that whoever is selling you the automatic likes is a verified vendor who has a person whom you trust that can vouch for their credibility.


Now back to our conversation, let’s take a look on who can really benefit from the use of automatic likes.


Small and large businesses


Basically, automatic likes can be used by any scale of business from the small and medium-sized businesses trading in the local neighborhood to the fortune 500’s. For any business to survive the stiff competition in the business environs, investing in new and innovative way that will ensure that the brands popularity does not diminish is important. Automatic likes is one of this technique that is cheap yet effective in helping your business page grow.


Artists and professionals


Any artist be it musicians, artists, freelancers and celebrities can make use of automatic likes to promote their social media page’s popularity. If your posts on facebook are attracting several thousand likes, your page becomes interesting and other facebook users will definitely get curious hence stopping by to check out your page. This will increase a musician’s chance of making new and important contacts that may open ne w opportunities to further their career.


Resellers and agencies


SEO agencies and resellers can tap into the opportunities availed by automatic likes services to promote content for their clients. Using this service will ensure that your brand’s popularity is not limited which will automatically translate to more sales.


Webmasters and developers


Developers and webmasters can also make use of automatic likes to promote their website’s fan pages. A client looking for web development services would most likely prefer a web developer with a popular fan page.


Generally, anyone with a public fan page be it a business or an individual can make use of automatic likes. Anyone who wants their presence noticed on social media understands that it can be a real uphill climb task. This is because despite social sites having millions of followers and visitors daily. Almost every one of these individuals wants to get noticed.


This calls for extra effort and applying innovative technique such as using automatic likes. However, echoing the already mentioned disclaimer, ensure that you choose a credible firm to get the services from. A good firm will deliver likes that belong to real human user and not bots. The services are quite affordable. This means with a couple of dollars you can subscribe for the likes for a certain period of which you can agree on with your service provider.

Complimenting your Automatic Likes

Digital marketing is the new style in today. Everybody is embracing digital marketing techniques. They have realizedthat they provide for easier, cheaperand more convenient ways of doing marketing and getting word about their businesses out there. Basically, the digital marketing platform has been found to be an easier gateway to the global audience. This is the main reason as to why most people are jumping onto the bandwagon. There are a number of options that people have to use to ensure that they digital marketing campaigns are actually successfuland bear the fruits that they intended them to.

One such option is the buying of automatic likes. Automatic likes have been found to be extremely effective and giving people visibility on the social media platform. Remember that viability is at the core of each and every social media marketing campaign; without a well-establishedand recognizable online presence, you can be sure that your campaign will not succeed. That being said, one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is sitting back and waiting for the automatic likes to do everything for them. They tend to think that simply buying the likes will do the job.

Truth be told, automatic likes are effective. They bring you the attention, they create the noise about you and they do rouse the market’s attention to who you are and what you have to offer. However, over and above that, you will have to put in the effort to ensure that you do get to retain the attention that has been created. Thepeople will be drawn to you by the noise that the likes will create but it is up to you to ensure that they remain with you.

This simply means that you will need to compliment the automatic likes with a couple of things. Firstand foremost, research is key. You need to know and understand your target audience very well. You need to know exactly7 what it is is that captures their attention and you need to ensure that you continuously give them that. You also need to dig further to find out things like the times that this audience frequents the social media platforms that you use. This way you find out the optimum times for you to post the content that you are posting. You find out the times that theaudience will beavailable for engagementand you can make sure that they engagement is continuous.

It is also very important that you complement the automatic likes with the right content. As a matter of fact, the right content is the key to ensuring that you get to retain the attention of the people that will be drawn to you. This is the only way you can guarantee that the people will be coming back. It is content that keeps people on social media. You need to know and understand your target audience so it will be easier for you to know the content that keeps them engaged.


Five ways small businesses can Increase their YouTube channel views

YouTube provides an avenue where both brands and people engage using videos. Apart from being a source of great entertainment, YouTube also provides businesses with a platform to interact with a bigger audience where they can display their products and services. Therefore increasing their chances of making sales.


However, for your brand to enjoy this privilege, your account should be very engaging in terms of the number of views you are able to attract. Now, unless you are a well-established brand such as Nokia mobile phone or Microsoft Incorporation Company, attracting a huge number of views is somehow challenging. But worry not because, by the time you are through with reading this article, you will have a solution to this challenge.


Increasing YouTube views is a whole lot of a process and not just an action that you undertake and sit back as the views count roll in. I might be tempted to say it’s an uphill climb that is somehow steep, but I would be wrong since millions of both business and personal YouTube channels will prove me wrong with their robust views count.


This means your business can achieve it too. The size of the business on YouTube does not really matter. What matters is your level of popularity and the amount of engagement that you are able to create on your channel.


We will delve into ways that will help you increase YouTube views and also answer questions such as whether to buy YouTube views to promote your channel visibility or not. Read on:

Understand your audience


Understanding your followers is basically the most important aspect that you should put into consideration. People are created unique in their own way and so is their preference on different things. Understanding your audience inclinations will make you create even better content in the way that they like it hence earn their loyalty and amass even more followers.



To understand what they like, you need to ask yourself questions like why do they follow you? What are the expectations of your followers? What is unique about your brand or content that keeps your followers from shifting loyalty? Such questions will give you an opportunity to re-discover your brand’s agenda. Then focus on being the best at it.


For instance, if you sell women’s beauty products you need to purpose your energy to understand all that there is to know about your niche, reach out to experts in your field such as bloggers who write about women’s beauty products or a popular magazine editor in the same niche. Let every trending topic or developments on women’s beauty products never pass you. Be the first to update your audience on such matters. This will display your brand as strong, informative, and diligent in serving its purpose.


Such a bold move will earn you more followers within no time, word spreads out fast on social media and soon enough, your videos will be trending on YouTube. You can buy YouTube views to better your account’s visibility and ensure your channel is being seen out there.


Invest in increasing your views count


Since we are concentrating on increasing the views count, it is time I delve into the issue of buying YouTube views to increase the rate of engagement on your channel. Before answering this question, let’s discuss some important statistical research findings on YouTube marketing.


According to research, the most popular YouTube channels with staggering number of views have been found to be managed by social media experts who are hired for that specific purpose. In another important statistics, a bigger percentage of small businesses are observed to be buying YouTube views to increase their channel’s visibility.


The two research findings illustrate the importance of investing in YouTube marketing. Hiring an expert is a good move but only to those that can afford. If you are just a start-up business, this can be quite out of reach. Luckily enough for you, the tactics that they use are the same as am giving you here. Buying YouTube views, on the other hand, is quite affordable. There are different packages that are designed to give your brand a viewership boost. So yes, you can buy YouTube viewers they will help your small business grow faster.


Network and make friends


Just like any other social media platform, YouTube has different ways that you can interact with other users and engage with the YouTube community. You need to start getting to know popular individuals in your niche and befriending them. Sending them private messages and complimenting them for their great content will enhance your relationship.


Also, ask people to comment on about your video on the public comment section. Positive comments will definitely earn you more followers. Though you cannot control about what people say about your content you have full control over your content and you can create great content that your followers will appreciate and give you thumbs up.


You should take your time and engage your followers who are commenting. Answer their questions satisfactorily and handle negative comments with understanding that not everyone will like and appreciate what you are doing.


Share testimonials on your channel


Testimonials can earn you a chunk of views and new leads to your business. One important thing to note is that customers trust one of their own more than they trust you. They know that you are in business to make money but when a fellow customer explains their experience with your product, people will gain confidence in your brand and will be happy to view your content, shop from you and even refer their friends to you.


This method is good for earning targeted leads. Human beings are visual creatures by nature and there is no marketing strategy that beats face-to-face marketing. However, videos substitute meeting in person and work just perfectly. Hence, ask for testimonials from your customers, share them, and see the views roll in.


Create short videos


Short videos that are direct to the point are more appealing than long ones. Ensure that you make your point clear within the first 5 seconds. This calls for great expertise in YouTube marketing and video production. It might be better to consult an expert or commit yourself to do much research to come up with the perfect video.


The reason is that people don’t like watching promotional materials trying to sell out to them. So if you can capture their attention just before they click the cancel button, then you may have a chance of convincing them about your product. Eventually, your efforts will pay off. Besides either buying YouTube views or hiring a social media marketing expert, you can generate more views without spending lots of money.


Possessing more views on your YouTube channel means better visibility, a bigger audience hence more leads to your business. Either you will opt to buy YouTube views or generate them through the traditional methods, it’s crucial that you apply methods that will see your brand growing.


There is much potential in YouTube marketing and all it requires is for you to get creative and ready to part with some cash for instance in buying YouTube views as well as following all the developing trends in YouTube marketing that can help your business grow.